How The 3 P’s Can Be the Secret To Your Business Success

Mar 6, 2013 by

Business SuccessI’ve written in the past about Pareto’s Law that states that 80% of any given results are because of 20% of effort. Business success is achieved by about 20% of businesses. 80% of income is earned by 20% of the people. And 20% of advertising yields 80% of the campaign’s results. So the unfortunate thing is that a lot of times you don’t know exactly what those 20% of activities are. So in business, online, offline, brick and mortar, the life blood has to be sales. To have sales, you need customers. To have customers you need leads. To have leads you need marketing. To have marketing you need a marketing system.

So my secret is:

The Three P’s

1. Set Your Priorities – In order to prioritize you first need to recognize what you need to actually be doing. If we go back to the system above and reverse engineer it, we have marketing >> leads >> customers >> sales. Any break in this model will not result in a positive outcome. The system you put in place for your marketing will determine your success. Anything you do, HAS TO DIRECTLY support, enhance, monitor, and preform, one of the models steps. ALL others need to be done only after these have been completed. Let no distractions stand in the way of making money.

2. Being Prepared – On a daily basis, one of the best ways to be productive is working from lists. Now whatever time you put away to work on your business, make sure you have it scheduled. This is YOUR time. Your business, future, and livelihood depend upon it. For the time you do have allocated, schedule the tasks with the highest priority first. Schedule those tasks the day or evening before. When you get up to work on them, you will know exactly what to do. Do them right away and get them out of the way. Success comes from doing things others will not. Make a habit out of this.

3. Avoid Procrastination – If we all had a handle on procrastination, do you think that the 80-20 rule might be more like 40-60 or 50-50? What works for me is to eliminate those things that can distract you. I turn off my browser, email, and other apps. I close the door, turn off my telephone, and get down to it. Now I don’t always get to do as much as a Marine does, they get more done by the time it’s light out than most people do in a day, but I’ll bet I’m in the top 10%.

So these 3 P’s can help elevate your business many fold. Some of them also are really subsets of the other and should all be part of a marketing model that is ingrained in ALL areas of your business.

As an aside, to have business success, those tasks that you do have to do that don’t directly effect the marketing model, maybe cleaning, printing, filing, paying bills, etc… really should be done by someone else. Your time should be spent on direct contact with your customers, clients, potential leads, and honing your marketing system. Those are the things that MAKE YOU MONEY.

Have a remarkable day.